You may want to drink that extra cup of coffee after all…

Caffeine may actually be your friend!

Many studies are now suggesting- and some concluding- that caffeine both mobilizes fat from your fat tissues and increases metabolism. This is because caffeine provokes the process known as lipolysis, which is when your body releases fatty acids into the bloodstream. Lipolysis inevitably leads to more fat burning.

Furthermore, caffeine is a natural stimulant. It provides that extra bit of energy that may mean the difference between a great workout and a lousy workout. Simply consuming some caffeine before a workout and/or a physically draining event can spark alertness and energy.

Of course, not all products that contain caffeine are good for your health. Let’s be clear, we are specifically talking about caffeine, which is a natural and beneficial substance. However, products like soda, some pre-workouts and most – if not all – energy drinks can be absolutely terrible for your health!

When consuming caffeine, it’s best to stick with tea and/or coffee (both with as little cream and sugar as possible), as well as a few other caffeine products (be cautious and selective of these). Both coffee and tea, specifically, will also provide multiple mental health benefits in addition to physical.

Now, as far as the bad side of caffeine…

There really isn’t too much.

In the past, caffeine was plagued with comments and remarks about the possible negative side effects. However, recently many studies have suggested that these negative side effects are very minimal.

Now, there are obvious precautions that need to be considered when consuming caffeine. First of all, it should be consumed in moderation. Too much of anything is harmful to you and caffeine is no exception.

Another side effect is the withdrawal. Depending on how much caffeine you drink a day, the withdrawal can last from a day to more than two weeks in the worse cases…

Last, but not least… Caffeine may be an answer for many problems, but it’s not the only answer. Water can be beneficial to your mental and physical health in ways you may not have considered before, as well. Increasing your water consumption can result in more energy, alertness, fat burning, as well as the loss of water weight.

For best results, drink your caffeine, but complement it throughout the day with lots of water.